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Music for Worship

Feel free to use any of the videos below for your services. 

They are available directly on our YouTube Channel or to download from the links below.

Please make sure you have the correct CCLI Licences for the purposes of your service.

Amazing Grace

Chris Tomlin

SoF 1702

Draw Near

Not currently in

SoF or StF

I Want To Be

Out Of My Depth

Penny Webb

SoF 841

Jesus, Hope Of

The Nations

Brian Doerkson

SoF 1835

Light of

the World

Tim Hughes

SoF 1419 / StF 175

Our God Is

A Great Big God

Jo & Nigel Hemming

SoF 2004

See What A


Stuart Townend & Keith Getty

SoF2020 / StF 309)

There's A Wind


David Ruis


Yours Is

The Kingdom

Dave Bilbrough


Before the Throne of God Above

Charitie L. Bancroft

SoF 1187

Father of


David Ruis

SoF 714

In Christ Alone

Stuart Townend & Keith Getty

SoF 1346 / StF 351

Joy Has 


Stuart Townend & Keith Getty


Lord You Stand

Beside Me

Not currently in

SoF or StF

Praise Him

You Heavens

Russell Fragar

SoF 1501

Take Us To

The River

Robin Mark

SoF 1525

We Bow


Viola Grafstrom

SoF 1084

Blessing and


Jamie Harvill

SoF 675

Great Is The Darkness

Gerald Coates & Noel Richards

SoF 742 / StF 405

Jesus, Be

The Centre

Michael Frye

SoF 1377

King of Kings, Majesty

Jarrod Cooper

SoF 1404 / StF 331

May Our Homes 

Be Filled

Reuben Morgan

SoF 1963

Praise Is


Breton Brown & Paul Baloche

SoF 2007 / StF 64)

The Lord's

My Shepherd

Stuart Townend

SoF 1030 / StF 481

When I 

Was Lost

Kate & Miles Simmonds

SoF 1607 / StF 367

Come, Now Is

The Time

Brian Doerksen

(SoF 1205 / StF 24)

Hear The Call

Of The Kindom

Keith & Kristyn Getty

SoF1819 / StF 407

Jesus Christ Is

The Lord of All

Steve Israel & Gerrit Gastafson

SoF 866

Kyrie Eleison

(Look Around You)

Jodi Page Clark

O Church,


Stuart Townend & Keith Getty




Graham Kendrick

SoF 480

The Splendour

Of The King

Chris Tomlin

SoF 2065 / StF 15

Who Can Sound

The Depths

Graham Kendrick

SoF 604 / StF 723

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