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Pastor's Letter

Pastor's Letter - February 2023

Have you at some time found yourself under extreme pressure? Have there been episodes in your life when you were so burdened by tasks and responsibilities that there was simply no breathing space to prepare for your service to God?

I felt the same whilst I was in India last week. I thought the poverty of the people might have changed or rather improved in the last three years I haven’t visited India. The sad reality is that it has only worsened over the years. I was deeply moved when I saw an elderly man grab a hand full of spilled food from the streets to eat. I got him some food and gave him money so he could eat for a few days. This was one of many incidents I witnessed whilst I was there. I felt extremely pressured to help everyone I saw but could only do so much with the time and available resources. I did my absolute best to help everyone I encountered. On my return flight back home, I felt guilty that I couldn’t resolve the whole of poverty whilst I was there. It seemed that the Lord was asking me, ‘Is this the best you could do for those who needed your help, out of your love for me? I honestly replied, ‘Yes, Lord, it is my best.’

The apostle Paul encouraged the Thessalonians to give their all for God (1 Thessalonians 5:14-22). They were to exhort, warn, comfort, rejoice, pray, and express their gratitude to God among other things. We too should always do our best in our Christian life and service. But when pressure periods come and we just don’t have the time we feel we need, we should do the best we can and then prayerfully trust God’s faithfulness.


With love and Prayers,

Christvin Edbarg

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